Trophy Ear Necklaces


Inspired by the Norman Reedus character Daryl Dixon in AMC’s The Walking Dead, these zombie ear necklaces are unique, durable and all hand crafted. 

They are flexible and bendable, are hand-painted with a secret method that results in absolutely no color transfer to skin or clothing, and are sealed with a light layer of matte finishing.

Our original Trophy Ear necklaces have been a hit over the past two years, and Norman Reedus himself is the proud owner of a set presented to him at Fan Expo Canada. The original “Freshly Dead” version shows colorful decay, while our newly released “Really Rotten” version is a more muted, aged appearance.

Unlike others, these are not polymer clay or acrylic: They won’t chip or crack. They aren’t foam-filled — they won’t degrade over time. Only the highest quality special effects latex rubber was used. Made to be long-lasting and WORN by even the most active zombie-hunter. Perfect for any Walking Dead inspired Halloween costume.

The Dixon consists of 4 ears (2 left and 2 right) strung on a suede corded necklace. The cord is adjustable in length to a maximum of about 40 inches. Each necklace is unique and may contain variations in the style/thickness of the ears and coloring. No two are exactly alike!